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The detailed information about Wedding and Engagement Rings

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Wedding and engagement rings is one of the most important items in people life. It is a small items that symbolizing the love of a couple. Therefore many people are searching for this item in order to make their wedding or engagement rings feel symbolic and unique. There are several differences in the wedding rings and engagement rings symbolic. Even though the two of these items are used as the same symbol which is to describe the everlasting love of two couple that will enter a new life together and also symbolizing loyalty to the end of days between the two couple that will enter a new oath of marriage or engagement ceremony. However before we are going to discuss about these two differences let us discuss first about the history and meaning of these rings.

At first the engagement ceremony is celebrated first before the couple begins to enter their marriage or wedding oath. The purpose of engagement ceremony is as a symbolic ceremony that tries to capture the symbol or an oath before marriage between two couple. Engagement ceremony is basically a way for the couple to know each other before they are trying to move forward into the more serious and sacred marriage. The wedding and engagement rings then act as an item that binds the two lover into one union in engagement and then moving on to the marriage or wedding ceremony.

Due to the importance of the wedding and engagement rings as a symbolic item in the engagement and wedding ceremony, these items has been designed with a variety of design and materials to capture the sacred essence of the engagement and wedding ceremony. There are many different kinds of rings and design that are developed and designed so the couple who use them in their sacred and important ceremony in either engagement or wedding ceremony will be satisfied with the rings that act as a sign between the two couple that will enter the sacred oath or engagement or marriage.

Wedding and engagement rings itself has many different materials to boot. For example, there are the common and widely used gold rings and silver rings. These two types of engagement and wedding rings materials are widely used because the two materials are considered as a pure metal that also symbolizing many things in this world. For example, silver are one of the pure metal beside gold that symbolizing innocence. On the other hand gold which is considered as a pure and rare metal are considered as a symbol of loyalty, love and innocence which is pretty suitable to be used as a material for engagement and wedding rings.

However, due to these wedding and engagement rings rare material it has become one of the expensive items to be get. Therefore many couple then needs to safe their fund from all of their working days before they can really afford two for them. Fortunately, these types of rings include several different variants so people can choose one that they think is suitable with their budget. Yes, there is a level of purity for these types of rings. This means the gold and silver material used are calculated and then the higher the purity of the material the expensive it will be because it contains pure gold or silver. On the other hand there are mixed material rings for these types of rings that include the mixed elements of gold and other metal. The purity of these rings will be lower but it will be much affordable.

After we know about the history and the symbolic meaning of wedding and engagement rings we need to move on to the next topic. Just as we already know in the first paragraph there are certain difference in the wedding rings and engagement rings. The difference is pretty easy to be known, the first difference is of course the design. In terms of design, the wedding rings usually offer a more detailed and unique design if compared with the engagement rings. Wedding rings usually offer additional feature such as name carving between two people or even diamond and other unique stone between it. On the other hand the engagements rings are much simpler in terms of design which usually only has carving of the initial name between the couple.

There are also a difference in design of the wedding and engagement rings. Wedding rings are pretty unique and then use many different types of design to make it unique. The level of complexity usually is equal with its price, which usually are quite high and expensive. On the other hand the level of design for engagement rings is much simpler that leads to a more affordable price. However, it is not closing the chance of having detailed engagement rings that leads to expensive engagement rings.

From the difference of the wedding and engagement rings we then move to the next topic which is the compatibility. In the compatibility topic we also need to consider the material used in some rings. There are people out there that have some allergy with some metal and it will cause them heavy pain if they need to wear some of the rings that will cause them allergy. Therefore other than gold and silver there also exists the platinum material which is considered as free allergy material.

Platinum wedding and engagement rings are considered to be very precious and expensive because of its rarity. Therefore many people could not afford this expensive material. Fortunately there are other alternatives for platinum. A good alternative for platinum rings is the titanium rings. Titanium rings offer a durable and unique material that will make good rings.

What makes platinum wedding and engagement rings much more unique is the symbolic feature offered by this metal. The titanium wedding and engagement rings is describing and presenting the loyalty and unbreakable oath. Therefore this type of rings will serve well as an engagement and wedding rings. In conclusion, there are many different materials and design for engagement and wedding rings, all you need to do is choose the right one according to your health condition if you have any allergy, the design of the rings and finally the material and cost for the rings so it will not exceeding your budget money.

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