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Gorgeous Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

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There is no doubt that today diamonds has become one of precious and valuable thing on earth. The value of this gemstone was gained because it was taken from deep layer in earth and produced into jewelry. Another fact is every diamonds are different and unique, it can comes at many size, colors and shapes. But the most things that divine each value of diamond are the rarity. More rare a diamond, more valuable it will be. Diamond also comes in many varieties of colors that also a factor of its value, the natural phenomenon that takes millions years of time create any colors that you can think.

The western culture has introduces engagement ring custom from the ancient time. The purpose of the ring is as a pre-married agreement between a man to his bribe to be. Engagement rings are placed on the nearest to the little finger on the left hand, the main idea of ring’s place is because the finger contained a vein that led directly to the heart. The shape and style of engagement ring than developed in the Victorian age. At this era, the engagement ring started in a mixed of a gemstone and a valuable metal or gold.

Before the discovering of African diamond mines in the 1870s, diamonds are too rare and expensive. The findings of this diamond mines have break the door and not so long diamond become more popular and varieties. The De Beers Company was the owner and operator of this new diamond mines has success in their campaign of diamond sales by using photographs of movie stars. By this time, the yellow diamond engagement rings was introduced and become more popular.

Yellow diamond or as many called it canary diamond or fancy yellow diamond is a popular and affordable gemstone for an engagement ring. Yellow diamond engagement rings are suitable for you who are looking for an affordable yet still gorgeous and beautiful engagement ring for the women you love. Compared to red, pink or blue diamond that extremely rare and expensive, yellow diamond always a viable option especially for engagement rings. Knowing and understanding about diamond is very important if you want to buy it as an engagement ring or maybe as an investment.

In the 1950s, Jewelry professional has created a systematical way to evaluate the value of a diamond. The system is known as Four Cs; Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. Those factors together become the basic way to evaluate a diamond value all over the world. Two diamonds with exactly same shape and weight can have different price depending of the colors itself. The color of a diamond is measure by D-to-Z scale as the worldwide standard of color-grading diamonds. Even the yellow diamond for yellow diamond engagement rings has different value measure by the grade of color.

Yellow diamond engagement rings are a common and affordable but you can’t simply compare it with any another colors. Each gemstone has it different characteristics that also occur to the yellow diamonds. The average price of a yellow diamond ring is about $5.000 USD which actually can be measure by the total carat, shape and the clarity. The more vivid a yellow diamond ring the more expensive it become. The strength of color determined the value of a diamond at most. This is means ad different colors of two diamonds can have a similar price only measure by the clarity of the color.

Today, the popularity of yellow diamond engagement rings is at its peak. Many Hollywood celebrities wear this gorgeous diamond ring as the present from their lover. Some list of those celebrities including the famous American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson who was proposed by her boyfriend with 5 carat yellow diamond ring that was design by Johnathon Arndt in December 2012. The next is Paris Hilton who maybe the luckiest celebrities with the most expensive canary ring. Her 24 carat emerald cut yellow diamond ring is estimated worth $5 million from a Greek billionaire back in 2005.

Another celebrity with yellow diamond engagement rings is Jennifer Lopez. The beautiful yellow diamond ring of hers is actually not an engagement ring but a present from her ex-husband Marc Anthony following the birth of their twins. I can also named other celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, Victorian Secret’s model Heidi Klum, Rebecca Romijn, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox as a view celebrities that reported wearing their stunning yellow diamond ring in any casual or important events.

There are a few things to be concern before you buy a yellow diamond engagement rings as well as another diamond rings. The first, examine the diamond’s color by noticing any undertones. And then you can ask to compare the characteristic of the diamond to other gemstone like citrine or topaz in order to understand the uniqueness of each gemstone. Evaluate the clarity and choose the weight and carat of your preferred diamond. The last, ask the dealer to proof the authenticity and origin of the diamond. It is important as you like to buy an expensive stone.

Despite of the price, another problem for the buyer is a limited supply of the gems. You may order it first a take some time but you will never regret time and money you spend for it as your girlfriend accept your proposal. Yes, women and jewelry are very close. Both are the reflection of beauty and passion as it picturing an elegance and style but the most important of all is the symbol of diamond itself. The diamond which physically strong and unbreakable portrayed a strong relationship between a couple that will last forever. It also carried a message of pure love and deep commitment of a man to his lover. The yellow diamond ring are always a great choice for an engagement ring, it brings hope of your greater relation to your lover through the end of time.

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