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Why gold and diamond jewelries are important to our life?

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We often hear the words from Marilyn Monroe “Diamonds are Girl’s Best Friend”, and it is true. Bright, brilliant, sparkling diamonds have inspired us for generations and their associations with romantic love, which has been into our culture. In other opinion gold is more valuable than diamond, because gold is usually used as an investment rather than jewelries in the old days. Diamonds are made of ordinary, everyday carbon but the the carbon can transformed into a beautiful shape shining diamonds.

Men use Diamond to impress women, on engagement ceremony or anniversary and any other special occasions. Mothers from all around the world plant traditions for their daughters to use or have a piece of Gold jewelry so they could pass them on to their children or grandchildren in the future. From every variations of economy class, women must have at least one piece of jewelry that can be proud of and have a nostalgic memory on it. So it is important to keep something valuable items either for accessories or as a saving in case of emergency.

Fashion industry also insist on their icon to promote many trendy high end expensive and famous brand of jewelries, not just for displaying accessories because these jewelries could definitely women feel more sophisticated and elegant so other women in the world take this as an inspiration to wear jewelry and feel more confident about themselves. For independent women saving money and buying their own jewelry is something that they could be proud of also, they do this because its a pleasure on buying their own valuable things too.

Jewelries must be maintained in a good care, or else their value would be lesser than the first time they are bought. If we decided to make an investment on gold, try buying gold in bars known as Fine Gold and keep them in a bank safe deposit with high security. This method are good for future emergency and its value rarely go down even if markets are in a difficulty period. Diamond may look expensive and exclusive but its value are not as high as gold, the history of Diamond pricing can only be defined as not clear at best. Either way keeping the certification of our jewelries is a must.

Taking care of jewelry may take simple step or harder to handle, 24 Carat Gold Jewelry could be easily dented if we accidentally hit a furniture or hard stuff, and when that happens we could always fix them to the nearest jewelry store. We could also remove stains with jewelry cleaner, or by using soap and water mixed with a few drops of ammonia. Carefully brush them with a soft brush or an old toothbrush. After the brushing, simply rinse them with water and allow them to dry. Diamonds have to washed in a special commercial jewelry liquids once in month or it will lose its shining effect. Dip the jewelry into the solution and use a soft brush to dispose dust or dirt from under the frame. Avoid touching clean diamonds with our fingers. Handle clean jewelry by its edges.

The following tips we could follow for buying jewelry are finding a good partner,especially when we are going to use that jewelry for a special occasion. Bringing along a friend or experienced family members might be able to help us pick the right one. For some people asking directly is fine, but if we want to make a surprise then its normal to take a research on what kind of jewelry the person we want to give like. Giving a gift that match his or her personality can add a romantic or effort value to us. If we want to buy diamonds for loved ones, we must definitely know the color, cut, clarity and carat weight because it is important to avoid disappointments in the future.

Gold is rare, but diamonds are not


Buying 24 carat Gold jewelry is easily found from its color and texture, the richness gold color and soft in its texture are basic description for them. The range price of 24 carat gold is likely higher than a 10 carat gold because 10 carat gold is only 48 percent gold and it will contain other metals such as copper and silver to make up the other 52 percent. Buying gold bars on the other hand could be a tricky business. To start with, we must ensure that the actual bars are genuine and not manufactured. Ask about the papers and certification for them or we might want to ask expert’s opinions too. Because of the soft texture 24 carat gold are rare to be used as a jewelry, but in many countries it symbolize strata of the people.

If we want to sell our Gold jewelry, we might want to do a search for a better buyer because it is important. Try and pretend that other stores want our gold jewelries higher. Before selling, consider the possibility that it may have value above and beyond its gold content especially when it has a rare age history or shape which makes the buyer will pay more. According to jewelry experts, if we want to sell our diamond jewelries at least visit two or three shops to get a range of opinions; in the end, you will have a solid idea of the specifications and state values of your stone.

Setting a realistic price could help us not to set high hopes. The only reason anyone will buy our Diamond is because they are either going to make a profit from it or because it is a good bargain. Otherwise, they would buy it new. The primary advantage of selling to someone in the jewelry industry is time. If we want to sell quickly and safely with little drama over marketing, target a jeweler, diamond dealers or pawnbroker shops. Avoiding emotionally heartbreaks on selling historic jewelry is important or else we can not achieve the best price and mostly we can not move on to the other page of life.

The difference between gold and diamond jewelries has become a lot clearer now. Gold are so valuable to the test of time for thousands of years, while Diamonds only became a serious jewelry item in the last 75 years. The natural laws of supply and demand are high on gold prices but this do not particularly apply to diamonds. Invest wisely, making sure that our investment goes correctly on present until the future.

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